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Reputation The New Seo


Neford reputation marketingReputation Marketing

Have You Googled Your Business Lately?
Are you in Need Some Reputation Management TLC
7 out of 10 consumers head to the internet to check out a business’s reputation before making a purchase, according to recent studies…

imgresSearch Engine Marketing

Over 90% of Internet Users Look Up Businesses On Search Engines…
Are You Using SEO to Make Sure They Find You?

social mediaSocial Media Marketing

What’s the difference between all the social networks, and which ones should I use?
What should and post and how often is too often for posting updates?
What’s the fastest way to make money with social media marketing

Customer LoyaltyRetention Marketing

Assuming you’ve got the data and the ability to analyze for good retention marketing, you now have another hurdle… you have to execute! Egads! There are a lot of platitudes out there, but because most people haven’t solved problems 1 and 2 above, there’s not a wealth of down and dirty, nitty gritty best practices around how to keep one’s customers.


referralsReferral Marketing 

“People trust friends and family more than virtually any other information source, and pay 2x more attention to recommendations that come from friends than other sources.”
“83% of satisfied customers are willing to refer products and services. But only 29% actually do.”

Local Web Consulting

Welcome to the page that I have create exclusively for your business, Neford Web Consulting .

I hope that you can understand the effort I have gone to in order to attract your attention.  and why I spent so long creating  personalized search results is that it concerns me to see you spending lots of money on overpriced newspaper and Yellow Pages advertising when so many people are actually looking for you online instead.

As I will be able to prove to you in the Free Consultation pack I will sent you, over (***** ******) of people this month alone, were actively searching on the Internet for your business but they couldn’t find you.

I hope that you don’t just take my word for it, but actually search for your business on Google yourself.

N Read more →

Local Search Engine Optimization

Local Search Engine Optimization

Neford Strategic Marketing Solutions 

Do you have an email list that you are sending out promotions and offers  Do you even have a database to keep in contact with your customers?

Is there a call to action on your website?

Are you targeting your local area for business?

Is your website ranked on Google on page 1 for your target keyword phrases?

Do you have testimonials or videos on your site to build trust and interest?

If you said No to any of this questions, you are losing money. Read more →

Advantages Of Web presence To A Local Business

Advantages Of Web presence To A Local Business

A Web site is Necessary to the Success of a Business: Many industries can attribute a large percentage of business to their presence on the internet. Some services industries attribute as much as 80 percent of their business to their on-line presence; the construction industry as much as 40 percent; dentist, doctor just go right down the list, even gas retailing 50 percent with people looking for the best price; and hotels and motels 50 percent. A visible, web presence can make the difference between profit and loss for many businesses.

Advertising Cost Benefits: When compared to other advertising costs such as radio, newspaper, television and direct mail, an on-line presence inexpensive. For example, the cost per 1,000 adult exposures with a web site is only a few pennies for 24-hour-a-day coverage. In addition, when considering building your on-line real-estate lead generation comes into play by sending traffic from all over the internet to your web site and cultivates cumulative, long-term awareness of a business, stimulating repeat or “brand-loyal” buying of the products and services offered.

For businesses with a limited advertising budget, a sign is an inexpensive method to maximize returns per dollar spent.

Economic Considerations

Financing: A business plan should include a web presence as a major part of any marketing strategy. Because the internet is so vital to a small business it is usually included in any loan package. Your internet presence is a permanently visible part of your business and should be considered as an investment. The internet is the most efficient, effective and consistent revenue-generating device for small business.

What The Internet Can Do For Your Business
Information And Directional Functions: Web sites identify a business and provide information about it. A noticeable and readable on-line presence not only allows the public to find you, but tells them about services offered, prices and hours.

Service Trade Area: A trade area is the marketing vicinity from which a business owner draws customers -usually within a fifteen mile area of the business. Trade areas differ in shape and size depending on the business and its reliance on transportation of the customer coming to you or your company going to the customer. The internet communicates important information to consumers located in your immediate trade area.

Build Image: Web sites are an effective marketing tool in building an image for your business and in helping you identify the market segment you are trying to reach. Through social media, local SEO, search engine, local affiliates, and numerous other tools that can be deployed which will give appeal to a given group of potential customers

What Is A Web Site Really

Most local businesses, regardless of size, depend heavily on the internet to support their branding and create more local awareness. Signs help people find you; attract people to your establishment; present an image of your business; and tell potential customers what goods or services you offer. The internet is fast becoming the primary form of advertising for small business.

Your customers have been searching for you;

But will they find you;

Or will they find your Competitor.

Ask us on how we can tailor the many tools available to best suit your companies needs.

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