Reputation Marketing

Reputation Marketing

Reputation Marketing

Have You Googled Your Business Lately?

Are you in Need Some Reputation Management TLC


7 out of 10 consumers head to the internet to check out a business’s reputation before making a purchase, according to recent studies…
…Do you know what they’re learning about your company?

Whether we like it or not, the internet has ingrained itself into our daily lives, and, whether you’re ready or not, your online reputation on the internet is severely impacting your business and its ability to generate profits, especially if you’re not engaging in online reputation marketing.

What People Read About Your Business On the internet
Can Be The Difference Between Your Advertising Working or Not !

Before you rush to Google your business, you need to understand a vital point about online reputation management, or ORM.

What Are They Saying About You Online Reputation WebsiteOnline reputations are fragile, and just because you have amazing reviews now doesn’t mean bad ones won’t pop up in the future. Your company can be one review away from a bad reputation.  Damage that has already been inflicted is much harder to repair so rather than wait for bad reviews to kill your business’s reputation, you should take a proactive  approach  toy our online reputation .

This isn’t to say your business deserves bad reviews, but we all have bad days and so do customers, the popularity and ease of online reviews has made companies targets for angry employees, disgruntled ex-employees, and even unscrupulous rival businesses, any of which could easily leave a nasty, fake review.

While most review sites have taken steps to prevent fraudulent reviews, there’s no real way to prevent them completely. The only thing you can do is engage in preemptive reputation management combined with reputation marketing creating your Five Star reputation and using proven systems that create social proof and trust making  your company the go to leader in your industry.

Online Reputation Management – What Exactly Is It?

Online reputation management is just what it sounds like and involves three steps: monitoring your online reputation, managing it, and protecting it from potential damage caused by any malicious reviews posted by angry or unethical people. But merely managing your reputation is not enough.

Online-reputation-marketingThere needs to be a proactive approach taken and this is where our systems come in building that Five Star reputation and marketing it in all forms on and off the the internet.

Here at Neford Strategic Marketing Solutions we at have created a proprietary Patent Pending  system that’s foolproof and effectively utilizes all  steps of online and offline Reputation Marketing.

Creating the socials trust and proof that your company is the go to company that your customers are looking for while at the same time crushing your competition.

If any reviews or comments about your business get posted our system finds them within mere hours and can allow us to start to diminish them before to much damage is injected, whether on review sites, blogs, social media, or forums, we’ll know about them and take the appropriate steps to diminish the potential damage caused by any negative ones.

If you’re wondering how we manage this, you’re not alone. Unfortunately, since our proprietary Patent Pending strategy is unique and sensitive, we can’t share it here. We can’t be having our competitors (or yours) learning our online reputation marketing methods and copying them, after all.

If you do want to learn more about Patent Pending  approach, what you can do is register below to receive our FREE report.

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