Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing – What Is It, Exactly?

What is social mediaHave you ever wondered things like…

  • What’s the difference between all the social networks, and which ones should I use?
  • What should and post and how often is too often for posting updates?
  • What’s the fastest way to make money with social media marketing?

If you’ve ever wondered those, you’re not the only one.

Social media has exploded in popularity so quickly, and the field moves and changes so fast, it can be daunting to stay on top of what’s going on, especially if you miss a few days.

As much as social media evolves, though, one thing remains true…

Without Social Media Marketing, Your
Search Engine Ranking Will Drop

Google and other search engines are always working to produce more pertinent search results and have changed their indexing algorithms to take social media into account. As a result, sites with the best chances of achieving a higher rank are those who’ve engaged in social media marketing and been active on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, and others.

And that’s just one reason to use social media marketing

Social media lady

Social Media Marketing Was the Prime Source of Sales During the 2012 Cyber Monday Events

Social media used to simply be an easy way to connect with people, but over time it has grown into so much more and created exciting new ways for businesses to generate profits. The only requirements are patience and adherence to the modern rules for social media marketing.

Because social media revolutionized the marketing world, traditional methods simply don’t work anymore. To engage in effective social media marketing, you have to switch your attention from conversion rates and visitors to things like Likes and Shares and other engagement indicators.

It can be confusing, we know, and hard to stay current with the constant updates and changes, even for a social media company like us.

If you do a search on Google, you’ll find many news stories describing upcoming changes major social networks have planned, from advertising policy and network changes, to implementation of new features, all of which affect social media marketing.

So, what’s the Answer for Effective Social Media Marketing? Bring in the Professionals.

Realistically, the only way to stay current on the fast paced world of social media marketing and use it to achieve real results is to engage professional help. Of course, you can try, though, from what we’ve seen, those who’ve tried Do It Yourself social media marketing haven’t done so well.

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